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The Shocking Truth About Men And Commitment

The Shocking Truth About Men And Commitment

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why can’t men commit to a long-term relationship?”

Have you wracked your brain over and over wondering why a certain man seemed to lose interest and ended your relationship with no plausible explanation?

You may think you will never find a man who can make a firm commitment, but you can.

Some men can commit, but oftentimes, they have to reach a certain period in their lives in which they are ready.

Many men are typically afraid to commit themselves to a relationship.

It is often jokingly referred to as “commitment phobia,” and the man is hesitant to avoid any kind of permanent relationship with a woman.

What happens is that a woman might think that the relationship is moving along very well and starts looking for some permanency in it.

Suddenly, she finds the man stiffening up, stops being available, cuts down on texts or calls, or flat out ends the relationship.

He balks at the idea of stepping forward in a relationship.

There are many factors contributing to such a phobia, all the way from selfishness to severe anxiety.

Fear of Repeating the Same Mistake

Many men might have had a bad experience earlier with some relationship, and they fear that the new relationship will also end the same way.

Hence, they are shy of commitment.

They feel peaceful when there is no commitment in the relationship and don’t want to risk it for something that could turn ugly and painful.

In such situations, the perfect approach would be to give him some time to feel comfortable and peaceful in the relationship before pressuring or even forcing him into a commitment.

Loss of Freedom

Most men are afraid of losing their freedom.

Once committed to a relationship, they cannot usually come and go as they please.

An uncommitted man is free to take up a job in any part of the country and he does not feel rooted down to a particular neighborhood for the sake of the wife, family or children.

Living independently is very appealing to most men, as many of them are like a rolling stone.

They are afraid that they may not be able to live a bachelor’s life anymore.

However, it is quite easy to get through this.

If your guy says he wants to meet his friends sometimes, just tell him to go ahead and have a good time.

In fact, you can tell him that you too are planning a dinner out with the girls.

This will make him realize that he can have his independence even after committing to a relationship.

Committing to a relationship should not be reason for either partner to lose a sense of freedom and independence.

Fear of Being Tied to One Woman for Life

Some men absolutely hate the idea of being tied to a single woman for their entire life.

They may be scared that they will have to settle for less than they want or they fear divorce.

They also may like to have a variety of women and are simply not willing to settle for just one.

Sometimes it takes a man to fully mature and get through that “phase” before he can fully commit for life.

You can tackle such men by keeping the relationship exciting and mysterious instead of being boring and predictable.

Fear of Disappointing the Lady

Men may squirm at the idea of a commitment, as they sometimes feel that they need to live up to a certain standard in a committed relationship.

They feel that they may not have the capacity to support the woman either financially or emotionally, protect her from danger and be who she wants him to be.

Many women expect all these things in their man – especially in a committed relationship – but not all men are able to live up to the expectations and back away at the mention of a commitment.

Commitment is a very serious thing for a man.

It is better to have a man take his time at making a commitment so that he is really ready for such a relationship, rather than to pressure a man into committing when he is not ready.

Allow Men to Be Where They Are

Some will tell you right away that a committed relationship or marriage is the furthest thing from their mind.

If you desire that, you need to think about where he is and perhaps look elsewhere for a man who is ready to commit.

The last thing you want is to have your guy commit when he is not ready because the chances of him losing interest and leaving are much higher.

Communicate with your man about commitment.

Open and honest communication could prevent much heartache down the road.

I hope you have found this article helpful when it comes to learning the truth about men and commitment.

Until next time,