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8 Ways to Tell If He REALLY Loves You

8 Ways to Tell If He REALLY Loves You

Do you feel unconditional love for him and wonder if it’s reciprocated?

Do you love him so much that you worry he may not love you back the same way?

Don’t you wish there were signs to tell you if he really, truly, deeply, madly loves you?

Well the good news is that there are!

There are some simple but highly effective ways to tell if he really and truly loves you. There are certain things that a man will do when in love that make it easy to tell.

Although you may have to take a step back and really evaluate your relationship, these telltale signs can help you to clue in on how he really feels.

So if you want to know if it’s true love and he’s in deep, here are eight ways to detect if he’s for real.

1. He is attentive to your needs and wants

He goes above and beyond just the fundamental needs and digs deep.

If he really loves you, then he listens to even the littlest thing and responds with something truly great. He makes you your favorite dinner when you are too busy to cook.

He brings you home a comforting item when you are sick or have a bad day. He listens to you even when you don’t realize and responds to the things that you need and want to make you happy.

That’s true love!

2. He is willing to compromise on certain matters

This doesn’t mean that he rolls over for everything, but he can see when something really matters to you.

Love is about compromising sometimes if it means making the other person happy. On the issues that really matter to you or which you are truly passionate about, he tries to meet you halfway and works with you to find a situation or scenario that caters more to your happiness than to his own.

3. He looks beyond your past and sees the future

We all have a past, particularly when we reach a certain age.

A man who truly loves you is willing to look past bad relationships, bad choices and mistakes that you may have made before him.

He isn’t threatened by previous relationships or even marriages but rather knows that this has shaped you into the person you are today.

This takes a real man and a true commitment, and when you find that, you know it’s a beautiful thing!

He sees a future with you in spite of what your past may have been all about, which means he is truly committed to you through deep love.

4. He accepts you for all that you are

Any man can say he loves a woman, but does he accept you for the woman that you are?

The older we get and the more life that we live, some men may think that they can change a woman. To try and change you is to make you into the person that he wishes that you were – that isn’t love!

We all have something about us that is less than desirable or perhaps frustrating or annoying. Rather than trying to change you or conform you, he accepts you for all that you are.

The good and the bad make you the individual that you are, and he wants the whole package. That’s what real commitment is all about.

5. He is tuned in to what makes you happy

He understands what makes you tick, and he knows what truly makes you happy. It can be as simple as a favorite restaurant for date night or helping out with a family issue, but it’s the fact that he cares about making you happy.

Some men get set in their ways as they get older, and happiness tends to revolve around what he wants.

To detect true and unconditional love, it’s all about his ability and desire to do what he can to make you happy and to take care of you – even when you don’t realize that you need that!

6. He accepts your kids, your family and your friends

At a certain point in your life, you have needs, commitments or even people who become your responsibility and a part of who you are.

The man who truly loves you accepts these parts of you and makes it a part of his life. This may be children from a previous marriage or caring for an aging parent.

He understands that you have these commitments but more importantly, accepts them as part of you. They are not only an important part of your life, but they also become an important part of his as well.

True and deep commitment beyond just two people is what love evolves into as you get older and live life a bit more!

7. He is understanding of your character flaws

It’s not just that you have a past, but perhaps you have some character flaw that others may struggle with.

You may lack confidence or be just the opposite and be super aggressive. You may lack patience or be a pushover.

Whatever the character flaw that you wish you could change about yourself, he finds a way to love and support it.

He isn’t turned off by them but rather wants to help you through them.

8. He wants to support you even through your darkest hour

Things happen in life that we may have never imagined.

Perhaps you lose a job, have some serious financial struggle, lose a loved one or suffer from some health problem. These are the things that happen in life far too often.

He doesn’t run and isn’t scared off but runs into the situation with you, arms open wide.

The man that can be there for you with support and compassion through your darkest hour is the man who loves you and is there for keeps.

True love is a wonderful thing when you find it, so hold onto it and enjoy every minute of it!

Embrace true love when you find it.

Until next time,