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6 Smart Habits That Attract Great Men

6 Smart Habits That Attract Great Men

There are some great guys out there, and I know you’d love to know how you can meet up with one.

In this article, I’d like to share with you ideas on how you can attract a great man with minimal effort.

There really are men who know how to treat a woman; they open doors for her, listen intently to her and have manners and class.

To add to this, there are men who are successful, handsome and charming.

Actually, you might give your left arm to attract such a man, so your first question is:

How do I do this?

First Impressions

First impressions do count, so make a good impression during the first few dates.

Dress in such a way as to accentuate your femininity. Be sure to wear a fragrance that is appealing, but don’t send him running with a terribly strong stench.

Wear your hair in such a way that you look and feel beautiful. You are trying to make an exceptional first impression.

Get the guys looking your way. Don’t be afraid to show off what you’ve got and carry a sense of confidence.

First impressions aren’t everything, but they do help get the ball rolling in many cases.

Be Yourself

Make every effort to be yourself. Don’t try to put on an artificial behavior just to get his attention.

Love yourself enough to be comfortable being you. If you try to be someone you are not, you are not being fair to you or the man.

Be confident in who you are.

A man wants a woman who is not afraid to be herself because if a woman is always looking at a man to define her, she will be needy and clingy, which will normally push a man away.

Reel Him in With Some Creativity

Do something that will keep you in a man’s memory throughout the day, even when he is not with you.

When you meet, make him feel like the most important person in the world. Be genuinely excited about his presence and delight in what he talks about.

Many women are too busy talking and neglect to let a man speak. Slow down, and allow two-way communication to occur.

Wear an outfit that shows off your curves, no matter what your body type. Men love a confident woman who can pull off sexy attire.

Also, wear a sexy fragrance that he is not able to forget. Flirt with him and get close to him throughout your date.

Let him know that you are desirable and interested in him. Be original and unique.

A great man will be able to appreciate your creativity and will be more apt to think about you after the date.

Air of Mystery

Try to leave a man guessing about some aspects of your personality. You don’t need to be an open book.

Don’t tell him your life story on the first few dates and for goodness sake, don’t tell him all of your problems and how all of your other relationships were so awful.

Leave a bit about you a mystery. Men can be greatly attracted to a woman who is mysterious and keeps them guessing.

Make him feel he is dating someone special and that you are unique.

You need to be honest with him, but certain revelations can wait until you know him better.

Let Him Be Himself

You can attract a great man by not attempting to change him. Leave him as he is, and accept him the way he is.

He will become all the more enamored with such a woman because men have usually been with women who try to change them, which is a big turn-off.

Get to know his social circle, and be open to getting to know his friends. Let him know that you are in favor of him having friends and having a social life outside of your relationship.

Men don’t want to have to choose one or the other, but they want to be free to have friends AND a girlfriend.

Believe the Best

There are great men out there. Try not to prejudge the men that you meet based on the past.

Give every man a fresh, clean slate and believe the best about him. Remember to be yourself and allow a man to be himself.

From there, you will be able to determine if you are a fit.

Until next time,